Hi, I’m A-J Peterson (A-J) principal at Physio Therapy Yoga

Welcome to Physio Therapy Yoga; a physiotherapy and therapeutic yoga clinic, founded by Anna-Jane (A-J) Peterson, located in the heart of Crows Nest on Sydney’s lower North Shore.


In addition to hands-on treatment,

would you like to learn how to heal your own body? Learn how to keep healthy for years to come?


Physio Therapy Yoga can be your sanctuary for effective pain relief and the beginning of a new relationship with your body.

Introducing A-J Peterson, Physiotherapist and Yoga teacher


I’m Anna-Jane (A-J), the principal physiotherapist and yoga teacher at The Physio Yoga Clinic.


I have a passion for teaching you about your body and your pain (symptoms and causes) and generally how to care for yourself. I aim to empower you to take part in your own healing.


I have been a physio for over 25 years and enjoyed treating over 20,000 people of all ages and fitness levels. In that time I have found that every single person has a unique set of problems to solve, everyone is treated respectfully as an individual – there are no recipe treatments!


A bit about me…I love bushwalking and getting out into nature, including sports like snow skiing and horse riding. In my younger years, I was a competitive skier and loved running up the wing in field hockey.


Like me, many of my clients have enjoyed a lifetime of being active. Many have accumulated their fair share of injuries! They come to me with complex conditions, often having tried many approaches without their desired success.


I have experienced spinal and knee injuries during my skiing career. I was restricted in my activities, particularly walking which I love, before practicing Physio & Yoga (in combination) to return to pain-free mobility. I  know first-hand how important it is to be able to do what you want to do for as long as possible!


You don’t have to accept age as a reason for pain or stiffness, you can do something about it. That’s another thing about me, is I want to help you get well.


Through an integrated and holistic approach to rehabilitation and healing, clients can find relief, while being empowered to play an active role in their own treatment.


I am committed to helping you move well and be free of pain so you can enjoy an active lifestyle, both now and as you get older. Whether you like adventure, traveling the world, bushwalking or walking with friends, or enjoying long days on the golf course… life just feels better when you can move well, without discomfort!


With the whole-body integrated approach to treating injury and pain, I work together with you, to help you understand your condition, to continue to enjoy your favourite physical activity for years to come. If this is what you’re looking for, book an appointment today.

Healing philosophy and approach


The human body is one of our greatest teachers – Look, Listen, Feel and Learn.


Decades of clinical practice have taught me:

  • How to look at your body alignment and how it moves,
  • How to listen to your experience of your injury or pain, past history and general well being and
  • How to feel your tissues to diagnose what’s going on at a physiological level.


From here, we can learn what your body needs to get out of pain and move well. Together we put a plan in place for positive changes.


This look-listen-feel-learn is at the heart of my holistic approach to Physiotherapy. My approach treats you as a whole person, not just as a body part – because everything is connected. I treat the cause, not just the symptom, helping the pain stay away and you to stay well.


This Integrated Systems Approach (link to blog) to treatment is a recognised method for relieving persistent pain.


My aim is to give you lasting relief by not just treating your symptoms, but also working on the underlying issues that contribute to your problem.


Qualifications and Areas of Interest


In addition to a Physiotherapy degree, I have a post-graduate diploma in Exercise and Sports Science and Functional Anatomy, and have completed 600 hours of teacher training in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. I’ve undertaken extensive further education in Physiotherapy and many complimentary treatments over 25 years in practice.

Some areas of interest include;


      • Pain states and how they affect both the mind and the body, plus many techniques for relieving pain to minimise its impact on your life. We treat persistent pain using multiple modalities available through years of clinical experience.


      • Nerve Pain and/or paraesthesia – techniques to relieve pressure on nerves, to restore mobility, to restore normal function


      • Sports physio with a particular interest in lower limb injuries, running, ski injuries, football injuries, biomechanical analysis and more.


      • Foot, heel and ankle injuries, post-surgical rehab, and nerve pain – including efficient ways to walk and run with less detrimental forces through your joints and body.


      • Knee and hamstring injuries, including management of acute and chronic knee pain, osteoarthritis and patello-femoral (knee cap) pain


      • Spinal pain, including back and neck, postural and muscular weakness, nerve pain, pins and needles or numbness, disc injuries, muscular spasm, which I treat using many techniques drawn from physiotherapy, osteopathy, therapeutic yoga and craniosacral therapy.


      • Rib cage (thoracic rings) strains, imbalances or torsions (twisting or rotation). Since the ribs are mobile and attach to many muscles traveling up and down the body, including connecting to the shoulder joints and neck, they can cause pain in many places in the body, postural misalignment and balance problems.


      • Pelvic and hip dysfunction and their relationship with low back pain, sciatic pain, and pain in the buttocks or coccyx regions.


      • Shoulder pain, particularly rotator cuff injuries and impingement, many involve rib cage misalignment as above, or pain radiating down the arm


Mostly I am interested in helping you to heal yourself.


I am an accredited Yoga teacher, so you will often find me weaving yoga practices and philosophies into your treatment plan (always with a physio understanding) or recommending you try one of our group yoga classes or one-on-one yoga therapy sessions.


Click here for the full list of qualifications and further education.

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What is Involved in Treatment


When we work together, we’ll do so as a team. My services will help you understand issues that contribute to your symptoms and give you the skills and insight to manage or resolve them together.

In the long run, I want you to be empowered to manage your own pain and symptoms, to provide yourself with the best solution for healing and ongoing maintenance so you’re not always relying on your therapist.


Your consultations will involve physiotherapy hands-on treatment and education about your condition so you’re better equipped to manage it yourself. It may also include specific prescribed stretches, strength-building exercises and therapeutic yoga practices for you to do at home.


The approach is holistic; involving all aspects of you that are relevant, to achieve a lasting and effective result.

We may consider:


  • Where you’re holding tension in your body


  • The way your body is aligned and moves (your biomechanics)


  • How you breathe (affects tension you carry in your body)


  • General health and physiological well being


  • Emotional wellbeing – this can be helped with Yoga Therapy and affects your physical body.


  • Your day-to-day lifestyle and habits and how they may influence your pain or mobility problem.


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