Anna-Jane Peterson, Principal Physiotherapist

A-J …

  • Has an interest in complex problems and persistent pain. 
  • Is a holistic physiotherapist she uses an Integrated Therapeutic Approach combining Physiotherapy, Biomechanics, Neuroanatomy, Exercise and Sports Science, Therapeutic Yoga, Osteopathy, Psychology, Craniosacral Therapy, and neuromuscular retraining techniques.
  • Particular areas of interest are foot and ankle pain, peripheral nerve pain, thoracic ring (rib) pain, knees, and head and neck pain. She treats all areas of the body.
  • Combines evidence-based knowledge with clinical experience and a holistic biopsychosocial approach.
  • Believes in treating the whole of you, not dividing you into parts.
  • Treats you as an individual with no recipe treatments.
  • Aims to empower you to treat yourself through education, and experiencing a change in your own body, to return you to optimal physical health.
  • Passionate about helping you have a better quality of life with pain-free movement.
  •  25 years of experience, she has treated over 20,000 people of different ages and fitness levels.

My Story:


“The daughter of an orthopaedic surgeon, I grew up with medicine. I began my physio career with a love of sport (snow skiing, running, hockey, horse riding etc) and competed at a national level in Freestyle Skiing. I was fortunate at the time to travel with the Australian Ski Team to a World Cup as team Physio.


I completed further study in Exercise and Sports Science, Functional Anatomy, and Biomechanics. I was awarded the title Sports Physio in 1999.


I have always been a ‘hands-on ‘ physio, and have learnt through treating thousands of people how to feel what is going on in a person’s tissues. I also enjoy biomechanics, looking at the alignment of body areas and how the body moves, having a fascination for how everything is connected. Through working with runners and triathletes I developed a special interest in treating lower limb injuries, particularly feet. As well as being a physio I am a mother of two, which has taught me to practice my listening skills. It is amazing how if I listen, I am always told by both patients and children what is wrong.


I’ve had my share of injuries with two knee reconstructions. Recovering and returning to competitive skiing to later fracture my knee.  I could no longer run or ski like I wanted to. My love for fast sports had to change. I started doing strong Yoga. I found this both challenging and fascinating. I analysed every move as a went through hundreds of Yoga classes over the 20 years I have been practicing. The personal growth it has also taught me is invaluable. Having a curious mind I’ve subsequently added complementary therapies to Physio, such as courses in osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, and Yoga teaching and Therapeutic Yoga.


I now listen to my body and its needs. My knees have given me little trouble since practicing Yoga. Yoga has enabled me to return to skiing, bushwalk and live a normal pain-free life. It has given me an extra 15 years of use of my knees without further surgery, when the surgeons predicted I’d have surgery again much sooner.


Lifes experiences have made me an empathic practitioner, always interested in you and helping you heal your pain and injury.


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