Anna-Jane Peterson, Principal Physiotherapist

A-J …

  • Has an interest in complex problems and persistent pain and has a multi-therapeutic approach to treatment. This often helps those who have not responded to traditional methods.
  • As a holistic physiotherapist she uses an Integrated Therapeutic Approach combining; Physiotherapy, Biomechanics, Neuroanatomy, Exercise and Sports Science, Therapeutic Yoga, Osteopathy, Psychology, Craniosacral Therapy, and neuromuscular retraining techniques.
  • Particular areas of interest are: foot and ankle pain, peripheral nerve pain, thoracic ring (rib) pain, knees, and head and neck pain. She treats all areas of the body.
  • Combines evidence-based knowledge from post-graduate education and current research with clinical experience and a holistic biopsychosocial approach.
  • Believes in treating the whole of you, not dividing you into parts. Your body and mind are an interconnected whole.
  • Treats you as an individual with no recipe treatments.
  • Aims to empower you through education and experience of your own body and how it can change, to return you to optimal physical health.
  • Passionate about helping you have a better quality of life with pain-free movement.
  •  25 years of experience, she has treated thousands of people of different ages and fitness levels

My Story:


“As the daughter of an orthopaedic surgeon, I grew up with medicine. Being a keen skier and hockey player I began my physio career pursuing Sports Physio. Having the opportunity to travel the world in my early career, I fostered a love of moguls and freestyle skiing. I was fortunate to tour with the Australian Freestyle Ski team and covered the World Cup in the USA. At this time I completed further study in Exercise and Sports Science, Functional Anatomy, and Biomechanics.

Working for many prominent physios I learned a lot, and I am very grateful to them. I developed a love for ‘hands-on ‘ physio, releasing tight muscles and fascia, and really feeling what was going on in a person’s tissues. Also for correcting posture, poor walking/running habits, and lower limb pain and injury, particularly feet. Having a curious and creative mind I love to add complementary therapies to Physio, such as aspects of osteopathy, craniosacral therapy, and therapeutic yoga.

I have had my share of injury and heartbreak. In my early 20’s I had a knee reconstruction, recovered from that to return to competitive skiing, and about 6 years later fractured my knee. My life, with a love for fast sports, changed. I could no longer run or ski like I wanted to.  I started doing Hatha yoga and had an Iyengar teacher for 2 years. I traveled to India 3 times for courses.

Yoga has taught me so much, physically and philosophically. I now listen to my body and its needs. My knees have given me little trouble since doing Yoga regularly. Yoga has enabled me to return to skiing, bushwalk and live a normal pain-free life. It has given me an extra 15 years of use of my knees without further surgery. I can teach you how to listen to your body and create a healing environment to relieve pain and treat injury or restrictions.


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