5 Treatments for Heel Pain

5 Treatments for Heel Pain

Heel pain can have a number of causes. Not all are plantar fasciitis (inflammation) or fasciosis (tissue thickening).

5 common treatments

1. Exercise to strengthen and fascia and stretch areas that link into that fascia like the calves. Stretching has an additional strengthening effect on the body.
2. Relative Rest: Walking should be limited to incidental walking only, until the pain is 2/10 at its worst.
3. Shortwave therapy – can work if there is an actual tear. If the pain comes from nerve entrapment, biomechanical causes, or inflammation it can either be painful or not work. The cause of your heel pain needs to be assessed to treat it fully to prevent reoccurrence.
4. Orthotics – there is no scientific evidence orthotics cure plantar fasciosis/itis, sometimes even making it more painful if there is inflammation over the site.
5. Comfortable and supportive shoes for your foot type are very important…no one shoe fits all! Not all people need shoes that stop all movement! Taping can be a temporary relief and allow healing.

To target treatment most efficiently you need to know:

1. what structure in the body is causing your pain (there can be more than one)
2. what movement patterns and lifestyle factors caused the heel pain to prevent it from reoccurring.

At The Physio Yoga Clinic, we have over 20 years experience in treating all heel pain. As many of you will know AJ has treated foot and ankle problems specifically for many years. For further information about the different causes of heel pain – read more here.

Assess the cause, treat your symptoms and causes, then learn how to maintain your body to prevent recurrence of heel pain at The Physio Yoga Clinic.

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