Can you prevent recurrent ankle sprains with physiotherapy?

Can you prevent recurrent ankle sprains with physiotherapy?

The heel joint (subtalar) can get stiff after you sprain your ankle as a result of the swelling in the joint and tight muscles. If this is not mobilised your ankle will not adapt well to uneven surfaces and you may go over on it again…and again! This stiffness can persist even after you have returned to normal activities, generally free of pain, yet you keep going over on it. Specific muscles may still be not functioning to their optimum ability and timing, and your balance may need retraining.

In addition to the local ankle stiffness if you twisted your body when you fell (while spraining your ankle), your torso or pelvis can be twisted. The ribs and pelvis have muscles attaching to them which grab to try and save you from falling. These muscles frequently stay tight unless someone specifically releases them and restores your body to normal function. These body areas greatly effect your balance. If you are constantly re-spraining your ankle or going over on it see AJ in North Sydney or St Leonards to help you.

AJ, Physio in North Sydney, has many years of experience assessing and treating ankles and feet, and can help you restore your ankle to optimal function, fine tuning it after a sprain to prevent it from reoccurring.

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