Mind Body Connection

Mind Body Connection

How does the mind affect our physical body?


There are two nervous systems in your body –


  1.  Skeletal Nervous system – the one we are all familiar with that moves our body and that we sense with.
  2.  Autonomic Nervous system – determines blood supply to the muscles and the organs, keeps the heart beating, our breathing, response to hot and cold and more. It is made up of the

a/  sympathetic nervous system (flight, fright, fight response) and

b/ parasympathetic system (rest and digest response).

We have an endocrine system that controls the release of hormones which is also influenced by these systems.

Our autonomic nervous system is influenced by our thinking, for example, adrenaline is released in response to stress and our “flight, fright, fight” response is activated.

Your thinking:


The autonomic nervous system is influenced by the quality of our thinking; stressed, calm, happy, positive, fear etc.   

Life is more stressful these days, in a different way. We are not trying to escape a sabre tooth tiger anymore. Our body reacts the same way as though we are! Stress is still present today, in more insidious ways.

It is becoming more and more apparent just how important our thinking is in creating body tension, and also how we perceive aches and pains. The brain is a sensory organ, much like the skin. When we fear pain it is accentuated. When we experience pain in the body, that pain is interpreted by the brain. This is where it gets interesting.  How we perceive pain influences how bad that pain feels.

Physio – Yoga – How it can help You.


Yoga and Meditation help us explore the mind-body connection. 

Yoga and meditation help reduce stress responses and restore balance.

There is much research to show that breath work, meditation, nutrition, and gentle exercise can make lasting changes to your health and well-being.

Meditation and Yoga (specific types) have been proven to assist with pain management by learning to focus the mind and steady our emotions. It stimulates the rest and digest nervous system and allows our body to heal.

Relaxation will help your body heal.

You can change your physical body with this holistic mind-body approach to your health.

Physio-Therapy Yoga


In our Physio-yoga classes, we focus on feeling the body, being aware, focusing the mind, and in doing so calming the mind. All this while you stretch, improve posture, mobilise stiff joints, relax and strengthen your body.

It is the act of focussing the mind on the body in the present moment that makes yoga different from other forms of exercise making it a deeply healing tool for your body. Yoga is a great addition to your physio treatment and here at Physio Therapy Yoga we use many of these tools to help heal your physical body.


At Physio Therapy Yoga in North Sydney, we offer individual private Yoga Therapy , small group Physio – Yoga classes, & Meditation .

For bookings contact us on 0417945260 or email aj@physioyogaclinic.com.au

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