Pain walking?

Pain walking?

Are you suffering from muscle and joint pain in your legs, or sore feet?

You may have started to realise the importance of efficient and biomechanically optimal walking and correct footwear. Wearing shoes, and walking on hard concrete surfaces, cause many people pain at some stage of their life, and even alter their natural gait.

As a Physiotherapist with an interest in lower leg and foot pain Anna-Jane can analyse your gait and help you to understand how to correct it yourself. A Physio can analyse your walking style, see where you are stiff, and what is causing your pain.

Walking short or medium distances uses elastic potential energy in the muscles and is much easier than slow walking.

In walking, one leg swings through (swing phase) and the other leg gives your body support (support phase). Both phases are important and one leg can influence motion in the opposite leg (and your upper body). Running is different again.

Good movement in the spine, hips, pelvis, knees and ankles, and feet are all important. If we lose function in one area, another has to compensate, and this is when an injury occurs.


Gait Analysis

Gait analysis is the study of the pattern of walking. Every human being has a specific pattern, that is often how we can recognise people from afar!

We Observe your

  • posture
  • walking and/or running gait. It can be videoed for you to see and learn from it.
  • Footwear or orthotics and their effect on your gait
  • Range of motion at all the joints.
  • Functional muscle power

How is Gait treated by a Physio?

After analysing the area of your pain and injury, and assessing your gait, the Physio will do the standard physio as required. You will then be taught specific strengthening and functional exercises to improve your gait. You are given tips, which will also be sent to you in digital format, to practice. It takes about 3 months to change habits.

Therefore, if you are looking for a Physio within the Crows Nest & North Sydney area of the Lower North Shore, who can help you improve your walking style, visit this page to find out more about A-J, a Physio with 25 years of experience treating lower limb injuries.

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