Integrated Body Approach – Assessment and Treatment for the Whole Body

Integrated Body Approach – Assessment and Treatment for the Whole Body

This technique looks at the whole body, listens to the whole person, and feels for fascial restrictions limiting how you move.

It begins with a comprehensive assessment; questioning your past history and the mechanism of your current injury. Any past injuries impact how your body functions. It will include examining lifestyle factors and beliefs.  Then a postural assessment and walking assessment are done, and any specific movements that cause you pain, for example, sit to stand.

The assessment is followed up with selecting a “meaningful task”, that is the activity that causes you the most pain, or a derivative of it. A particular movement will challenge your body and show up the area(s) causing your problem.

AJ Treating a patientThe treatment approach includes

1. Release of tight muscles which are preventing you from returning to normal function are released with specific massage techniques, dry needling (like acupuncture), stretched and mobilised.

2. Re-Alignment – postural correction and education, proprioception – feeling for centering of joints, and muscular balance.

3. Connecting muscle groups for supported movement. This includes teaching you how to activate your core muscles/ or deep muscle groups that protect your joints, particularly the spine. Exercises are focused on the needs of everyday living activities or your sport. You are taught in a clinic setting how to activate the right pattern of muscles for a task and specific exercises to be done daily at home until they are easy.

4. Movement /Exercises can be progressed and you will be able to return to your normal activities, or modified if necessary. Beginning with everyday living tasks which may include office work, lifting children, getting out of bed in the morning, walking, etc to performing your sport with optimal function free of pain.

This total body approach includes education and a home exercise program so you can largely treat yourself in the future and prevent re-occurrence.

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