Core Foot Posture exercises

Core Foot Posture exercises

Do you suffer from painful or stiff feet? You may be interested in foot strengthening exercises.

The foot has stabilising (core) muscles just like the pelvis and lower back. These muscles get de-trained wearing shoes all day. It is necessary to wear shoes on concrete pavements and of course, it would not look too good to sport bare feet at work!

Small muscles in the feet, called intrinsic muscles, help stabilise the feet. In addition, long strap-like muscles further support the foot as we walk and run. They act like slings lifting the arches to provide mobility and strength. There are 26 bones and 33 joints in the foot, the biomechanics of the foot is complex.

Physiotherapists here at The Physio & Yoga Clinic in Crows Nest are experienced in treating foot, ankle and heel problems, knowing which joints are stiff or muscles are weak or tight by; Looking at you standing and walking, Feeling the muscles and joints, and Listening carefully to your story. If you have foot problems have your muscular strength assessed, and improve the function of your foot to ease your pain.  

If your foot or ankle pain has not responded to regular physio treatments, it may be the foot is a “victim” from another part of your body being out of alignment. Altered forces may then go through the foot causing pain. Be assessed early to determine the cause of your foot pain and get better faster. You will benefit from the whole body approach to treatment here at The Physio & Yoga Clinic. 

Some basic exercises are;

  1. Draw your toes back toward your heel, feeling the muscles under your arch working. Now try to do this keeping your toes straight. 10 x 10 secs.
  2. Calf raises are an excellent strengthening exercise, stretch between sets. Keep the foot facing straight ahead or pointing inward for a calf stretch
  3. Practice balancing on a foam cushion
  4. And finally jogging on a cushioned surface can be a good way to ease back into running – for more spring in your step! (excuse the pun!)

  For a personalised exercise program specifically for your feet, contact A-J at The Physio & Yoga Clinic in Crows Nest.

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