Skiing – how to enjoy your skiing and prevent aches and pains

Skiing – how to enjoy your skiing and prevent aches and pains

As a past physio for the Australian Freestyle ski team, and a competitor, A-J has a keen interest in preventing ski injuries. She had a practice in Thredbo for many years before settling down in Sydney. Skiing is so much fun…but also injurious!

How to prevent injury:

  1. Train cardio and strength before you go. Give yourself at least 2-3 months of training. Interval training is best; working up from 1-2 min sprints with recovery (lower intensity) to resting heart rate for 3-5 mins in between.
  2. Yoga can be a useful adjunct to training as it enhances flexibility and strengthens balance along with core control

Specific exercise regions:

  1. Quadriceps holding a contraction for 90-120 seconds while pushing gently up and down in a small range ie wall squat with mini squats superimposed
  2. Calves – stand on the edge of a step and do 3 x 15 calf raises
  3. Stomach – use a pulley to the side and keeping a squat position with the knees slightly bent, pull the pulley across your body keeping your pelvis still. Repeat on the opposite side
  4. Triceps – using a pulley or theraband pull from bent elbow to straight simulating pushing yourself along in the snow

Stretches before you go skiing each day:

  • Shoulders
  • Lower back
  • Gluteals
  • Hamstrings
  • Quadriceps
  • Calves and toes

Tips: Hydrate well, especially if you enjoy the party life, and stay warm between runs. Stretch again after a long lunch. And be careful of tiredness at the end of the day, this is when many injuries occur.

We can prepare a tailor-made exercise program for you using an online program you can access from any digital device.

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