Looking for an experienced physiotherapist to help you out of pain, heal an injury, or get you moving again? I’m Anna-Jane (A-J) Peterson, and I work with people of all ages and fitness.

More than 25 years of clinical experience

Providing a holistic integrated treatment approach to physiotherapy is the culmination of working with more than 20,000 people, each with unique injuries and health issues.


Treatments may Include; Hands-on treatment, laser, dry needling and…neuromuscular retraining, self-treatment techniques, biomechanical analysis, tailored exercise programs including Yoga, breathing and meditation for relaxation. More are listed below….

Who is best suited to this type of therapy?


Many of my clients have struggled with pain and mobility problems for a very long time. Many have tried different types of treatment before they come to see me. Some even think it’s too late for them to change, and fear they’ll be stuck with the pain and discomfort for life. It doesn’t have to be that way!


Treating persistent pain can be a complex puzzle to unravel. It involves deep investigation to diagnose the root cause of the pain or dysfunction – and frequently the area that hurts, isn’t the cause of the problem.


That’s where an integrated whole-body approach to assessment and treatment shines.


Besides assessing the physical structures of your body, using years of further study in biomechanics and functional anatomy, I analyse your movement patterns according to years of experience treating 1000s of people. We discuss lifestyle habits, past injuries or surgeries, general health and any other contributing factors to your pain (diet, sleep, stress etc).


Healing you is a team effort, in which we work together.


I will guide you every step of the way to empower you to take charge of how your body moves and feels…putting you in control.

What to expect during treatment


We begin with a thorough, personalised assessment in which you’ll experience my  listen-look-feel-learn  methodology;


  • Listen as you describe your injury or pain, past history, general health, lifestyle habits, emotional wellbeing and more – all can impact your symptoms


  • Look at your body alignment and movement patterns with the experience gained from many years as a physio, and assess the cause of your ongoing pain or movement restriction


  • Feel your tissues to determine their health and therefore formulate your treatment plan, and


  • Help you learn how to play an active and empowered role in your own healing process.


As we work together, you’ll experience how your body moves and learn what your pain is trying to tell you. Maybe it’s a change in lifestyle or movement pattern that you need? Or perhaps it’s time to learn how to relax, breathe more deeply or stretch? It may be that you’ll be directed to put more emphasis on the things that are good in your life.


Everybody’s experience is different, and I invite you to come and see what the possibilities are for you. 


Teaching your body new ways to move is an experiential and empowering process.

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Treatments offered: 



Myofascial release: Soft tissue release for muscles and their surrounding connective tissue (fascia) to relieve pain and physical restrictions or stiffness

Joint mobilisation: A hands-on technique to stretch the joint capsule and reduce nerve pain and spasm. Great for spinal pain or stiff and arthritic joints, especially when combined with prescribed exercises

Biomechanical analysis to determine any faulty movement and find more efficient ways for your body to move.

Have your walking or running assessed and videoed.

Postural advice to enhance your alignment.

Integrated Systems Approach – treating your symptoms AND the cause of your symptoms through assessing your whole body. Stop the pain or stiffness reoccurring by learning how to manage the cause.


Peripheral nerve mobilisation:

to relieve pain and pressure on nerves, also to help relieve pins and needles, ‘weird’ sensations or numbness

A personalised digital exercise program to enable you to complete your home program of prescribed exercises consistently in your own time frame

Trigger point therapy for treatment of hyper-sensitive areas of muscle spasm that refer pain to other areas of the body.

Treated using massage, dry needling (a form of acupuncture) or cold laser therapy to reduce sensitivity to pain and stimulate the healing process

Craniosacral therapy (CST): A gentle and relaxing technique that’s beneficial for headaches, jaw pain, chronic spinal pain, stress-related pain and tension, and for improving sleep and mental clarity

Neuromuscular retraining to restore neural pathways from your brain to your muscles to train efficient movement patterns and relieve faulty ones

Physio- Yoga Individual: The combined application of physio and yoga is a powerful way to learn about your body’s needs and how to treat yourself. Improve your ability to self-manage your health and well-being with our holistic approach to therapy.


If you’re dealing with persistent pain or mobility problems, we are here to help you at The Physio & Yoga Clinic.


When should you start? It’s always the right time to start treatment; the sooner you do, the sooner you’ll feel better and more in control of your body.

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