Postural Correction- how do I do it?

Postural Correction- how do I do it?

Many of us know we have postural problems but how do we fix them?
….It is not simply a matter of standing or sitting up straight, although that is a good start!

There are 4 basic types of posture;  
  1. Ideal alignment (described below)
  2. Kyphosis/ lordosis – curved upper and lower back
  3. Flat back – no curves and usually no butt.
  4. Sway back – arched lower back

There are  variations to these but for simplicity I will talk about these ones. Scoliosis is a sideways curve and will not be discussed here. You may have variations if you have been injured in the past and adapted the way you move your body.

Posture – Self Correction;
  • Stand sideways to a mirror.
  • Feel the bony bit at the outside of your upper thigh bone. That knobby bit of bone should be directly over the top of the ankle bone. Imagine dropping a plumb line down.
  • Then place one hand on your pubic bone and the other on the breast bone. Make sure one hand is not behind the other. The breast bone should be directly over the pubic bone.
  • Tuck the chin in gently and lift the base of the skull gently.
  • Scan down to your feet and feel your weight is equally placed over the front and back of your feet and inside and outside.
  • Soften your knees and don’t lock them back.

That’s about it for a basic adjustment. For more come and see our physios at Physio Body and sole in North Sydney. Yoga Therapy with our physios here can also be a wonderful adjunct to restoring lovely posture.

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