Hip and back pain – Mothers

Hip and back pain – Mothers

Do you carry your baby on one hip? Or did you years ago and now have hip or back pain?

Carrying your baby on one side all the time can cause a pelvic torsion or a tightness in one side of your back and/or hip that causes pain sometimes even years later!

What to do about it – try carrying your baby in front of your body in a pouch, or swap sides, or ask your husband to share the carrying. Stretch your back with spinal twists lying on the floor, strengthen the deep stomach layer by drawing up your pelvic floor (Kegel exercises). You will usually find that by drawing up the pelvic floor you will feel your abdominal muscles also work. Do side bends in standing to lengthen the tight side of your back and stretch your hips (figure 4 stretch or donut stretch). I will add some pictures of stretches here in the next few days….stay tuned!

If the pain does not resolve physio can help ‘unwind’ your pelvis with specific hands on massage and muscle energy techniques. Your physio will also advise on strengthening exercises specific to you. Being a mum is not easy on the body!

Happy Mothers Day! 🙂

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