Virtual Online Consults

Virtual Online Consults

These virtual online appointments are surprisingly simple. All you need is a mobile phone. We both dial in via a link I send you with your appointment reminder and we have a conversation. This is the usual conversation we have at the start of each appointment. Then I will assess your movement and where the pain is. I will ask you to move your body in particular directions to test for pain and stiffness. I can get a large amount of knowledge by looking at you.

Many of you know I am a ‘hands on’ physio, so I found this part challenging but have been pleasantly surprised at the results. In order to palpate (feel) the part I will ask you to touch the area that hurts and then other related areas. You can describe how they feel in your words. I will then instruct you how to treat yourself with a variety of techniques;

  • Self massage (not always possible on yourself, but I can instruct others too)
  • Mobilising exercises to relieve stiffness in joints, muscles, ligament
  • Specific stretches for tendons, muscles and neural glides for nerve pain.
  • I may give instructions to relax , lengthen, contract etc
  • Gait reeducation (set up your phone or IPad on a shelf and walk)
  • Education about your condition
  • A home program using a digital exercise program tailor made for you.

I hope you enjoy telehealth. I am excited and optimistic it can work well for you!

For Information on How to connect see link below

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