Abdominal Strengthening – core

Abdominal Strengthening – core

What is the core? Really….?

The core comprises of 4 muscles; the pelvic floor, transversus abdominus, deep multifidus and the diaphragm. If you think of a barrel connecting our upper and lower body, that is the cylinder these muscles form. Their job is to transfer forces from top to bottom and bottom to top. They help stabilise the pelvis and lower back.

To begin training commence with lifting the pelvic floor.

Then when you have mastered that, draw your front hip bones together, imagine cross over straps connecting one hip bone with the other. The transversus abdominus draws the waist in, it is the one that most helps with a good figure and good posture. The multifidus helps stabilise between individual lumbar vertebrae and the diaphragm helps with pressure differential and stabilisation with breathing. That is a whole new topic!

If you would like your deep abdominals and core stability/mobility assessed, Physio here in North Sydney can help you on an individual basis. It is important to have the basics before commencing a training session if you wish to avoid injury.

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