Why physios do gait analysis and how it can help you

Why physios do gait analysis and how it can help you

Walking short or medium distances requires our muscles and joints to be pain free and in a good condition. For efficient walking enough strength in the muscles and range of movement in the joints is required.

While you are walking, one leg swings through in forward position (swing phase) and the other leg gives your body the required support (support phase). Both phases are important in good gait and can influence the opposite leg and your upper body.

When you walk faster, the time of these phases reduces and the angle required at the joints and strength of the muscles for control is increased exponentially.

Gait analysis is the study of the pattern of our walking. Every human being has a specific pattern of walking. The manner in which a person walks is responsible for causing pain in different body parts such as hips, knees, ankles, or feet.

With today’s hectic modern lifestyle many people face pain in their legs at some stage of their life. Wearing heeled or pointy shoes, walking on concrete footpaths and periods of sedentary lifestyle all can contribute to pain walking and can alter our natural gait.

How does a Physio analyse gait?

  • By first observing your posture when you stand
  • Observing your walking and/or running gait with a knowledge of normal biomechaniscs and comparing. You may be videoed so you may observe and learn
  • Compares the effect of footwear or orthotics on your gait
  • Assesses the range of motion at all the joints. Hypermobile (more mobile than normal) joints can be just as much a problem as stiff joints.
  • Functional muscle power will be assessed

How an injury is treated by a Physio? 

After analysing the area of your pain and injury, and assessing your gait and movement patterns, the physio will release tight muscles using massage or a variety of stretching techniques, give acupuncture or laser, and mobilise the joints and neural structures as required. You will then be taught functional control and strengthening exercises to improve your gait to the best of your body’s ability/anatomy. Everybody is different!

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